2017-2018 Fall/Winter collection

As winter opens its doors again and welcomes us into the softness of its snowflakes, Kollontaï invites you to an equally delicate universe. Thick knits are blended with thin fabrics, which are then complemented by a world of textures. A genuine ode to the touch, the collection reveals itself to be an undeniable feast for the eyes, thanks to the organic prints that brighten the fabrics. Exploring loose and angular cuts, as well as those more fitted and classic, the styles are both new and unexpected. The deep colours on which our collection is built appear lit from within in their simple details, which are revealed through luminous shades that will brighten the coldest of days.
Camisole Victor

Victor Top

88$ CAD 69$ CAD

Cape Stephen

Stephen Cap

148$ CAD 118$ CAD

Chandail Kali

Kali Top

78$ CAD 62$ CAD

Tunique Walden

Walden Tunic

138$ CAD 110$ CAD

Chandail Tanner

Tanner Top

108$ CAD 86$ CAD

Chemisier Christa

Christa Shirt

138$ CAD 110$ CAD

Chandail Billy

Billy Top

98$ CAD 78$ CAD

Veste Cohen

Cohen vest

168$ CAD 134$ CAD

Veste Obscuro

Obscuro jacket

188$ CAD 150$ CAD

Manteau Bailey

Bailey coat

198$ CAD 158$ CAD

Robe Haldir

Haldir Dress

148$ CAD 118$ CAD

Robe Millicent

Millicent Dress

168$ CAD 134$ CAD

Tunique Judith

Judith Tunic

138$ CAD 110$ CAD

Jupe Demelza

Demelza Skirt

108$ CAD 86$ CAD

Chandail Errol

Errol Top

108$ CAD 86$ CAD