2017 Spring/Summer collection

This summer, Kollontaï invites you to travel. Its 2017 Spring-Summer collection is sure to be a classic thanks to its nautical line. With silhouette-enhancing shapes, you'll find that touch of elegance that will make you stand out during your summer outings. For a touch of originality. Kollontaï proposes a range of styles in prints that mix and match in playful and uplifting harmony to appeal to your fun side. There's also the romantic colection filled with prints reminiscent of soft watercolours - an ideal look for warm evenings spent admiring summer sunsets!
Camisole Hexia

Hexia Top

108$ CAD 76$ CAD

Robe Ariel

Ariel Dress

118$ CAD 83$ CAD

Pantalon Archie

Archie Pants

92$ CAD 64$ CAD

Pantalon Cassie

Cassie Pants

78$ CAD 55$ CAD

Pantalon Davos

Davos Pants

78$ CAD 55$ CAD

Pantalon Elendi

Elendi Pants

92$ CAD 64$ CAD

Camisole Tina

Tina Top

48$ CAD 34$ CAD

Chandail Elanor

Elanor Top

68$ CAD 48$ CAD

Jupe Kappa

Kappa skirt

148$ CAD 104$ CAD

T-shirt Anya

Anya T-shirt

58$ CAD 41$ CAD

Robe Osha

Osha Dress

148$ CAD 104$ CAD

Tunique Attina

Attina Tunic

138$ CAD 97$ CAD

Camisole Ophelia

Ophelia Top

98$ CAD 69$ CAD

Jupe Arista

Arista Skirt

98$ CAD 69$ CAD

Robe Margary

Margary Dress

138$ CAD 97$ CAD