The affiliates program is a way for you to receive credits in your Kollontaï account when you bring us customers!

Our affiliation system allows you to obtain buying credits by posting our banners or products on your website or by sharing it on social media.

Register as an affiliate (standard affiliate or retailer)
Get your affiliate number as well as the links and banners to post on your website.
Post the banners, links or products on your website and accumulate the buying credits.

30 days cookie
You get 10% of sales that went through your link or banner
Paid over the 30 or 180 days after your registration

When a new customer of clicks on the link/banner containing your affiliate number, a 30 days cookie is put in his computer.

If the same customer buys clothes within the 30 days, the standard affiliates receive 10% of the amount in Kollontaï credits applicable on purchases on the Kollontaï online store or at our workshop.

Retailer affiliates will receive 10% of the purchases from new customers in Kollontaï credits applicable on their next order for their store, over a period of 180 days.

Dan becomes an affiliate for Kollontaï and brings Marie to buy $1000 in clothes. She bought her clothes within the 30 days after clicking on Dan’s link.
Dan receives a $100 credit applicable on Kollontaï online purchases.

Veuillez vous inscrire pour débuter le programme.